In 2015, Hamilton Central Baptist Church became the first providers in Hamilton for HIPPY, an international programme preparing pre-school children for school through resourcing parents to interact with their children’s process of learning.

HIPPY is a two-year home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment programme that builds the confidence and skills of parents to create a positive learning environment. HIPPY is specifically designed for parents who may not feel comfortable in their abilities to teach their children.

Parents and children work together for fifteen minutes a day with storybooks, puzzles, and learning games that help children to become successful learners. HIPPY parents are trained, resourced and invited into community with peers – meeting regularly for encouragement and gaining a range of life skills.

HCBC’s engagement with the HIPPY programme is based on our desire to serve the needs of our community, along with the opportunity to provide wrap-around pastoral support and the practical love of God toward those beyond our church walls.

For more details contact Liz Winslade, HIPPY Hamilton Coordinator, or check out the HIPPY website: