Welcome to the Woven youth page, there are many reasons why teenagers want to join a youth group and the good news is we really enjoy weaving new teenagers into our youth community. We are on the look out for people like you and we would love to have you come and join the rest of us. We believe that there is something truly wonderful about being part of a community that includes others and looks for ways to make room for each other’s unique, God-given abilities.

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Here at Woven Youth we are all about relationships and weaving young people into both our youth community and the community of our church (Hamilton Central Baptist).

We know how hard it is joining a group where you don’t know anyone so we have some super friendly people who will come to you first (arrange a visit).

We know that the Christian faith can be a difficult thing to grasp as a young person, that is why we specialise in youth focused learning groups where no questions are forbidden.

We also know the importance of Whanau so we are not shy to include families wherever we can, we also know the need for youth to have space away from parents too and that is why we plan  family events as often as possible, while our youth study nights take place most Sunday nights during the school term.

Living a Christ-centred life amidst the challenges of a teenager’s life is not easy but being woven into a youth community and the fabric of the church is a sure way to help you live out your faith and be prepared for service. Whether you are looking for God or some new friends you will find a safe space to do both at Woven Youth.

Check out some of the other things we do below and get connected today:

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