Woven youth is our high school-aged Youth Community…
Living a Christ-centred life amidst the challenges of a teenager’s life is not easy but being woven into a youth community and the fabric of the church is a sure way to live out your faith and be prepared for service in power and freedom. Whether you are looking for God or some new friends you will find a safe space to do both at Woven Youth.
Here at Woven Youth we are all about relationships and weaving young people into both our youth community and the community of our church (Hamilton Central Baptist).
We currently meet weekly on Friday nights, at church down in the Totara lounge (entrance 3) 6.30 -9pm.
Our nights consist of, food, fun, fellowship and a focus on God.
We also have various other events that we run or attend.
Contact us for a Term Calendar or keep an eye on the ‘Events’ section on our facebook to see what’s coming up.
For more information contact Sarah at sbarnett@hcbc.nz or check out our facebook page.
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