As an organisation, the following are values we hold and aspire to:

Authentic Community:

Connecting people in authentic church community is core. Church is “people” and authentic community facilitates spiritual growth, support, care and the opportunity to develop gifts and abilities given us by God. To be Christian is more “we & Jesus” than just “me & Jesus.” Multiple services (for different demographics), a café culture, small group participation (small enough to be known and noticed) and intentional friendship-making events are some of the (many) ways we express our commitment to authentic community.

 Biblical Authority:

We view the Bible as the timeless written record of God’s interaction with the human race, relevant for today and our final authority for life and doing church. Teaching and decision making in our church is informed by the Bible; we seek to live in ways that are consistent with what it says – especially the words and example of Jesus.

 Relationship with God:

God invites us into personal relationship. Developing deep, meaningful and personal connection with God – through corporate worship, teaching, prayer and community – is at the heart of our church. We aspire to understand the nature of God and His Kingdom, and all it means to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.


God’s message of hope, forgiveness and restored connection, through Jesus Christ, is most effectively communicated within the context of personal relationships. We equip, encourage, and support people to share their experience of God with neighbours, relatives, friends, work colleagues and those within their networks of relationship – demonstrating the words and deeds of the Gospel.


Every believer in Jesus has ‘gifts’ and empowered abilities that bless others and serve Christ’s mission on earth. All God-given spiritual gifts are welcome and have maximum impact when exercised in service. We facilitate discovery and development of spiritual gifts, and service as normal Christian behaviour.

 Priority of the Poor:

The poor and disadvantaged have a special place in God’s heart. Recognising poverty as much deeper than material wealth, we do all we can to advocate for and serve the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed.

 Global Reach:

Global mission is a responsibility and a privilege, and an important part of our mandate. The light of God’s love that shines the farthest is brightest at its source; our commitment to supporting mission “over there” is part of our strategy for mission “here”.