For more details about how to make a booking, contact the Church Office (P: 07 838 0375 ext 200 or E:

  • 400+ seats
  • Pro sound desk and sound system
  • Data and video projection
  • External windows with blackout curtains
  • Outside and inside foyer areas

Padded bench seats with backs are laid out permanently, focused on the stage area. There is seating for more than 400 people, with additional seating available if required by opening up the rear doors into the cafe.

To provide natural lighting and ventilation there are full-length windows at the left of the stage (East side), and high windows at the right of the stage (South side), with curtaining for blackout or nighttime use. Heat pumps provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

A meeting room (Kowhai Lounge) has a viewing window into the Auditorium and is linked to the sound system, which is useful for young or unsettled children (this needs to be booked separately).

The stage area is set in a corner, with a curved front.  The dimensions are 5.3m along the back edge, 6m along the sides, with 12.5m across the curved front.

Changing rooms are available near the stage, off the passage behind the stage (to be booked separately if required).

The auditorium is fully equipped for sound.  It has high quality front of house speakers and fold back system, all controlled by a sound desk located at the side-back of the auditorium. Sound tech is hired separately at an extra cost.

There is adequate floodlighting for a single person speaker or performer, and the ability to add additional lights. House lights and the ambiance can also be controlled from the Sound Desk.

A ceiling mounted data projector, controlled at the sound desk, provides high quality visuals on the large screen located at the centre back of the stage.

The auditorium is serviced by inside and outside foyers, making traffic flows and crowd control easy.  Toilets are located nearby.