We are committed to serving our community in the name of Christ and expressing the practical “hands and feet” of Jesus to the people we live amongst. Ministries and services to our community arise and flourish according to the availability and passion of people within our church who sense God’s call to specific action. We’re always looking for new ideas and ways to serve our community. Contact the church office for further details on how you can become involved  (E: reception@hcbc.nz; Ph: 07 838 0375, Ext 200). Some of the current community ministries are:

Te Whanua Putahi – The Family Centre

Commencing in the mid 1990’s, TWP is a dynamic ministry outreach from HCBC, with a focus on bringing the good news of God’s kingdom amongst the communities of Fairfield and Enderley. It is like a combination of a Christian social service agency, a community “marae” and church fellowship – all rolled into one. TWP services include an early childhood care and education centre, budgeting advice, a foodbank service, counseling, family support, parenting training, drop-in centre, garage sales, pastoral care, and also Sunday worship gatherings (i.e. Oxford St Community Church).  TWP Facebook page

“Shiloh” – Flats for the Elderly

Since the early 1980’s HCBC has had a commitment to providing low cost housing for the elderly. Thirty-two units are located adjacent, and over the road, from the church campus and managed by a committee from the church. Residents live independently and enjoy a sense of safe community under the pastoral care of the church.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

HCBC became a CAP Debt Centre in 2013 offering structured support for people caught in the grip of financial debt. Our debt coaches and assigned “befrienders” help clients manage their resources according to strict and personalised budgets, negotiate with creditors and development of workable plans to regaining financial freedom. CAP is part of an international movement; check out their website: http://www.capnz.org.

HIPPY – Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters

In 2015, HCBC became the first providers in Hamilton for HIPPY, an international programme preparing pre-school children for school through resourcing parents to interact with their children’s process of learning. HIPPY is a two-year home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment programme that builds the confidence and skills of parents to create a positive learning environment. HIPPY is specifically designed for parents who may not feel comfortable in their abilities to teach their children. Parents and children work together for fifteen minutes a day with storybooks, puzzles, and learning games that help children to become successful learners. HIPPY parents are trained, resourced and invited into community with peers – meeting regularly for encouragement and gaining a range of life skills. For more details contact HIPPY Coordinator Liz Winslade, Email: HIPPYLiz@hcbc.co.nz, or Ph: 07 838 0375, Ext 201. Or check out the HIPPY website.

Food Bank

Along with a large number of churches in Hamilton, we have a relationship with and support the Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank. This service provides food for people in financial need who, regardless of their ethnicity, religious belief, gender or relational status, are referred by the participating churches and social service agencies. Members of our church donate food (a box in the foyer each week) and also facilitate access for those in special need. For more information please contact them directly on: 07-856 2521.