Paul and Barnabas appointed elders to oversee the churches they planted (Acts 14:23). The pattern has continued, in various forms, throughout the centuries. Terms and titles may differ, but just about every local church appoints people to a leadership office, caring for and overseeing their activity.

The big question is: what do they do?

In this little book Brian Winslade surveys how the role of eldership is described in the Bible, who and how they might be selected, and offers practical advice on defining their job description from his 40 years as a pastor.

An easy-read and discussion starter for those currently serving as elders, and especially for those approached to take up the role. Churches are buying a ‘set’ to keep as a resource for existing and future elders.

Single copy:  $11.95 (GST Incl.) + $3.00 P&P (NZ & AUS)

5+ copies:  $9.95 (GST Incl.) + $6.00 P&P (NZ & AUS)

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