BOUNDARIES – Rediscovering the Ten Commandments in the Twenty-First Century

In an age of moral relativity, is there a place any more for rules? They govern acceptable behavior on the sports field, but do they have a place in general life and relationships?

3,500 years ago a new nation emerged as Moses led the Israelites on a journey toward the land God had promised them. They needed Boundaries that would govern their worship, inter-personal relationships, and property, and God wrote them down. We refer to them as the Ten Commandments. Over the centuries they have formed the basis for rule of law in most countries of the world, defining Boundaries of fairness and interaction, within which we live and have our being.

But are they still relevant in and for the twenty-first century? Some regard them as anachronistic and beyond their use-by date, superseded by more enlightened thinking. For others they are timeless. Clearly, Jesus regarded them as pertinent for all who follow him, although in many instances he clarified their intent and application.

This book takes a fresh look at the Boundaries God gave his emerging special race and how they apply in our current age—a resource for preachers, individual Christ-followers, and a discussion-starter for small groups.

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