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The Essence

Unpacking Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

The teaching of Jesus of Nazareth is unparalleled and acclaimed in the history of our world. 

Born into obscurity and poverty, no one has impacted the world to the same extent as Jesus. 

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“Brian has the unique gift to faithfully and accurately expound passages of Scripture with language and illustrations perfectly suited to the twenty-first-century person. As I carefully and prayerfully read each sermon in ­‑, I felt afresh the immense privilege and challenge of being confronted with Jesus’ teaching. . . . This is a book every serious Christian, pastors included, should have on their bookshelf. Thank you, Brian, for blessing the church with your new book.”

South African Theological Seminary

“In a time of disorientation and seeming chaos, Brian shows us that discipleship and the radical way of Jesus is the plumb line from which all else is measured. This book is needed and the author’s ability to root it in life makes it all the more invaluable.”

Tyndale University

“Brian is an excellent expositor of Scripture who pulls no punches. In ­‑, like a skillful mountain guide he takes you up each verse to the top of the Sermon of the Mount. To the pastor looking to preach a series on Matthew 5–7, here is a boatload of exegesis and great stories. To the small group leader looking for a stimulating book for your members to study, each chapter ends with conversation and conviction-building questions. To the Christian who is tired of drifting in the faith, take up and read ­‑ and love Jesus all the more.”


Gateway Seminary



In an age of moral relativity, is there a place any more for rules? They govern acceptable behavior on the sports field, but do they have a place in general life and relationships?

3,500 years ago a new nation emerged as Moses led the Israelites on a journey toward the land God had promised them. They needed Boundaries that would govern their worship, inter-personal relationships, and property, and God wrote them down. We refer to them as the Ten Commandments. Over the centuries they have formed the basis for rule of law in most countries of the world, defining Boundaries of fairness and interaction, within which we live and have our being.

But are they still relevant in and for the twenty-first century?


“Here we have expository preaching at its best—careful attention to the original context, sensitive pastoral applications that show the timelessness and universal relevance of each command of the Decalogue, and a generous admixture of delightful humor. Also, do not overlook the incisive and provocative small group discussion questions!”

Professor Emeritus of New Testament Exegesis and ­eology
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“It’s been said that there is no biblical mission without biblical holiness. If the church is to be attractive, it must first be distinctive. In this punchy and highly readable book, Brian Winslade shows us how the Ten Commandments provide guidelines that can transform not only our lives, but also our churches, and ultimately our witness to a skeptical and fractured world.”

Carey Baptist College, Auckland, New Zealand

“Informative, thoughtful, and insightfully applied, Brian Winslade’s exploration of the relevance of the Ten Commandments for the twenty-first century is a valuable read. ­e questions for small group discussion at the end of each chapter are an added bonus, and will ensure the issues raised are dug into deeply. An excellent book.”

Vose Seminary, Perth, Australia

They Want me to be an Elder


A resource to put into the hands of current and future Elders, helping them define and understand the role they play in a local church.


Baptism in Water and the Spirit


A discipleship resource for people preparing for ‘believers baptism’ (Chapter 1) and for those seeking to understand what it means to filled/baptised in the Holy Spirit (Chapters 2-4)

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