Oikos Books is a small boutique publishing and book sale business, operating as a sub-ministry of Hamilton Central Baptist Church.


Physical Address:  33 Charlemont St, Whitiora, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand

Postal Address: Private Bag 3120, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240

Phone: (+64-7) 838 0375

Fax: (+64-7) 838 0065

Email: info@oikosbooks.nz


Current books for sale:

In an age of moral relativity, is there a place for rules? 3,500 years ago a new nation emerged as Moses led the Israelites toward their promised land. They needed Boundaries that governed their worship, inter-personal relationships, and property. But are they still relevant in the twenty-first century, or beyond their use-by date?

A resource for preachers, individual Christ-followers, and a discussion-starter for small groups.



A resource to put into the hands of current and future Elders, helping them define and understand the role they play in a local church.


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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Baptism-in-Water-The-Spirit_Book-Cover-722x1024.jpgA discipleship resource for people preparing for ‘believers baptism’ (Chapter 1) and for those seeking to understand what it means to filled/baptised in the Holy Spirit (Chapters 2-4)


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