Sermons by Olivia Hitchcock

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Who do you say I am – Claudia?


Life Group Discussion Questions   Text: Matthew 27:19 Do you think that Pilate listened to her warning? Had you been Pilates wife how would have you dealt with the dream given the events leading up to Jesus trail? What are some of the ways the God speaks to you? Would you have had the courage and […]

They went walking and leaping


Acts 3:1-26 Life Group Discussion Questions: If you were one of the onlookers, how would you have responded to this event? What would have been the crowd’s response to Peter and John being arrested? How would you explain this to someone who wasn’t a Christian? The first response of the Lame Man was to worship […]

You are My Lord and My God


Life Group Discussion Questions Text: John 20:24-29 Have you ever doubted God, and the path that he has taken you on? Was there a time that you doubted or questioned your faith and what insight did you gain from that time? What are the benefits to being in a Christian fellowship? How can we help […]