Sermons by John Lockley

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Living in the Year of the Lord’s Favour


Luke 4:18-19   LifeGroup Discussion Questions   What is our position on the poor? Discuss the meaning of Jesus first recorded public teaching found in Luke 4. What do you think he was saying to those assembled in the synagogue? What do you think the passage says to us in the 21st century? The sermon […]

Who do you say I am – Matthais?


Acts 1:15-26 Life Group Discussion Questions   Matthias was a Jew who became a follower of Jesus. He stayed loyal to Jesus even though He was arrested, and killed. As a member of the group, but not one of the inner few, what do you think Matthias’s conversations would have been with his fellow followers […]

Being a Christian in a post-modern world


Life Group Questions Colossians 1:15-20   As a Life Group read Paul’s letter to the Colossians as a whole together to get a feel and understanding of the context of Paul’s advice to the Colossians in 1:15-20. What do you think the “deceptive philosophy” of the time might have been about? Reflecting on the first […]