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Final Words


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text: James 5:13-20 Why do Christians sometimes fail to acknowledge God (turn to him or praise him) when circumstances of life (good and bad) come our way? Read Matthew 10:32. What does this verse mean or imply? James encouraged people who are sick to seek prayer for healing? What is your experience […]

The Problem with Wealth


James 5:1-6 Life Group Discussion Questions   What do you imagine might have been the reaction when this passage was read out in the churches to whom it was sent?   Given the numerous statements in the New Testament warning us about the trap money and riches can create, why has it been neglected subject in […]

Planning for the Future


Life Group Discussion Questions James 4:13-17   How would you describe yourself? Are you a “forward planner” or more of a “go with flow” kind of person?   What does a verse like Matthew 6:34 mean for you? How do you put it into practice?   What might an example from your life where you had […]

Dealing to Seeds of Conflict


James 4:1-12 Life Group Discussion Questions   What is your best strategy for coping/responding to offence?   Given all that the Bible teaches about conflict why do is it still occur so often — in families, amongst friends, in the church?   How do James’ words in verses 2 & 3 challenge you?   What might […]