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The Marks of Friendship


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text Matthew 25:31-46   Talk about your experience of the best friend you have had in your life. What was it that made it special for you?   Read Matthew 7:21-23. How does this passage of Scripture challenge you?   In Jesus parable of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46) who […]

Joy in the Struggle


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text: James 1:2–12   A lot of people have negative feelings about God because he seemingly allows/permits suffering to happen to us (or in our world). Surely a good and powerful God wouldn’t do that! How do you respond to this?   What are some examples of suffering that you have experienced […]

Profile of an author


Life Group Discussion Questions   Text: James 1:1   What is the most memorable letter you have ever received?   James, the younger brother of Jesus, was at one point rather skeptical about whether Jesus was truly who he claimed to be. But he later became absolutely convinced and led the church in Jerusalem. What do […]

Our part in God’s Mission


Romans 10:13-15 Life Group Discussion Questions   Which part of Romans 10:13-15 impacts or challenges you the most?   How do you feel or respond to the challenge of global mission? Be honest! Some people are ‘far-sighted’ and only see mission overseas; others are ‘near-sighted’ and only see mission in our immediate vicinity. What is the […]

What does repentance look like?


Life Group Discussion Questions Text: Psalm 51:1-17   Which part of this Psalm speaks the most to you?   In what ways do you think we treat God flippantly, or with lack of respect for who/what he truly is?   How do you respond to v.5? How would you explain the concept of an unborn child […]

Set Apart to Serve


Life Group Discussion Questions Text: Acts 13:1-3   Church’s for centuries have given the impression that only certain people have a special “call” upon their lives. How do you respond to that?   Where does the idea of “clergy” and “laity” really come from? How would you defend it from the Bible?   In what ways […]