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Older Brother Syndrome


Life Group Discussion Questions Text: Luke 15:25-32   Why do you think the religious leaders (mentioned at the beginning of Luke 15) were so concerned about Jesus spending time with “sinners”?   How would you describe God’s attitude toward “lost” people in our day and age?   Where does “older brother syndrome” occur in our […]

The Parable of the Loving Father


Life Group Discussion Questions Text: Luke 15:11-24   What do you reckon is the hardest thing about being a parent in this day and age?   Why do you think God allows us the dignity of free choice? Why not create us pre-programmed to behave in certain ways?   Given that Jesus’ parables were aimed […]

The Gratitude Attitude


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text: Luke 17:11-19 What experience have you had of feeling rejection or abandonment by other people? What affect did it have on you?   Leprosy isolated people from their community. What might be a 21st century equivalent to leprosy?   Talk about an experience you have had of doing something for […]

The King of the Mountain


Small Group Questions   King of the mountain Psalm 15 Is there anything that strikes you as missing from this list in Psalm 15? Could you make space for somebody who may never achieve the list expected in Psalm 15?  How significant is the state of our heart when we come into the presence of […]

Building on right foundations


Life Group Discussion Questions   Text: Matthew 7:24-29   What technological changes have most impacted you in your lifetime – so far?   What are some of the major cultural changes in values (in the past few decades) that affect New Zealand? – How do you think these changes have impacted Christians?   What are […]

Religion or Relationship


Life Group Discussion Questions Text: Matthew 7:21-23 What experience have you had in life of being (or feeling) excluded?   When you first read these verses how does it make you feel?   Who do you think Jesus had in mind when he said these words?   If the ability to prophesy, drive out demons […]