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How is my neighbour?


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text:  Luke 10:30-37 Some people contend that neighbourliness is less a feature of cities than in rural areas. Why do you think that might be the case? Jesus called us “salt of the earth”. What do you think he meant by that, and how can we express it? When Jesus told the […]

Attitudinal Sclerosis


Life Group Discussion Questions   Thinking back over your life, when did it become apparent to you that there were cultures and worldviews in our country that were different to what you had grown up with? The early Christian church had to face some serious issues of racial discrimination. How do you think they addressed this? […]

A letter from Jesus


Revelation 2:1-7 Life Group Discussion Questions   What is the most important letter you have ever received?   The letter sent to the Ephesian church was a bit like holding up a mirror and reflecting back to them what they were like. If God were to send us a letter what kinds of things do you […]

It’s Worth It!


Matthew 13:44-46 Life Group Discussion Questions  How have you found belonging to God’s kingdom (being a Christian) an incredibly valuable experience? How has your life changed? When Jesus told these stories he used contemporary analogies of his day. If Jesus was telling these stories in our day, what analogies might he use to describe the value […]

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Exodus 20:17 Part 9 in a series on the Ten Commandments Life Group Discussion Questions   What is the worst lie you have ever told (in your pre-Christian days, of course…!)?   What is the effect of lying? What damage does it do?   When is a lie a lie? Are there situations where it is […]

What does it costs us to follow Jesus?


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text: Luke 9:23-24 If someone were to ask you to describe the best thing about being a Christian how would you respond? Why do you think Jesus was so hot on getting people to think through the cost of being one of his followers, before making a commitment? The concept of self […]

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice


1 Samuel 15:1-26 Life Group Discussion Questions   It was never God’s intention that Israel have a king; rather, God was to rule over them. In what ways do we usurp God’s rule and reign over our lives, or perhaps enthrone other people as king?   If you were only concerned about seeking God’s glory and […]

Nepal Team Report-Back


Brian Winslade, John Lockley & Lincoln badger share their experiences and insights from a Mission trip to Kathmandu   To see the Video clip referenced in the above audio recording click here