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Telling the true from the false


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text: Matthew 7:15-20   What is your experience of prophetic revelation – either having someone pass on a “word from the Lord” or sensing/hearing God speak to you directly?   How would you sum up the main points of this passage?   False prophecy was obviously a significant issue in the […]



Life Group Discussion Questions  Text: Matthew 7:13-14   When you have to make a significant decision or choice in life, how do you go about finding the will of God?   Free choice is spoken of as a gift God has given to everyone through creation. How do you respond to that?   Having chosen […]

Pay It Forward


Life Group Discussion Questions   Text: Matthew 7:12    What is the kindest thing someone has ever done to/for you?   Matthew 22:37-40 and Matthew 7:12 are a bit like “executive summary” statements on the whole of the Old Testament (the Law and the Prophets). What do you think Jesus had in mind when he […]

How approachable is God?


Life Group Discussion Questions  Text: Matthew 7:7-11   How would you describe the perception or understanding of God in your circles of acquaintance (work, neighbourhood, family, etc.)?   How has your understanding of God altered the more you have got to know him?   Share experiences you have had of “asking” or “knocking” or “seeking” […]