Life Group Discussion Questions

Text: Matthew 6:19-24


  1. In what ways are Christians “different” or “not of this world” compared to those who are not Christians?


  1. What are some examples of decisions or life choices you have made that represent our different “citizenship” as a Christian?


  1. How would you explain the concept of “treasure in heaven”?


  1. How do you respond to Jesus’ suggestion that our heart is where our treasure is? What might this mean for you?


  1. Read the story of the rich young ruler – Luke 18:18-29.
    • what was his problem?
    • was it wrong for him/us to be rich?
    • how would you explain Jesus teaching here?


  1. How important is it that we drive a nice car or dress well or live in a good neighbourhood/house?


  1. Identify three things you could do this week that could be classified as “storing up treasure in heaven”?