Life Group Discussion Questions

Text: Luke 15:11-24


  1. What do you reckon is the hardest thing about being a parent in this day and age?


  1. Why do you think God allows us the dignity of free choice? Why not create us pre-programmed to behave in certain ways?


  1. Given that Jesus’ parables were aimed at teaching a key point, what do you perceive to be the primary lesson Jesus had in mind in this parable?


  1. What experience have you had of turning away from God and returning to him?


  1. Why do some Christians struggle with self-forgiveness and accepting the face that God restores them?


  1. What would be contemporary equivalents of the ‘robe’, ‘ring’ and ‘shoes’ that the father put on his son (v.22)?


  1. What will you do differently this week for considering this passage of Scripture?