Life Group Discussion Questions

 Text Matthew 25:31-46


  1. Talk about your experience of the best friend you have had in your life. What was it that made it special for you?


  1. Read Matthew 7:21-23. How does this passage of Scripture challenge you?


  1. In Jesus parable of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46) who was his target audience?


  1. Why do you think Evangelical churches have historically had a low value on social action/service initiatives, compared with those that are more “liberal” in their theological style?


  1. How do you respond to the idea that those who are poor are in their predicament because of bad choices/behaviour they have made?


  1. If friendship with Jesus is definable by how we tangibly care for people in need, who are these people in our respective lives?


  1. What will you do differently this week for considering this passage of Scripture?