Small Group Questions   King of the mountain Psalm 15

Is there anything that strikes you as missing from this list in Psalm 15?

Could you make space for somebody who may never achieve the list expected in Psalm 15? 

How significant is the state of our heart when we come into the presence of God? Do you tend to come resistantly in to Gods presence because of your own sin, or Do you tend to come freely and casually because Jesus has made the way clear? Where might the balance be?

What are some ways people restrict God’s access to areas of their lives and how does this impact the lives of others?

Where is the balance between self determination and the work of the Holy Spirit working through us? 

What role does our own heart towards God come into the mix. What are some of the good works that you have experienced as a result of the Holy Spirit at work in you? Did you need to make space for God to use you?

If we are saved by grace which has nothing to do with our own abilities, what might Ephesians 2:8-10 suggest is our responsibility?