Life Group Discussion Questions


Text: James 1:13-15


  1. Why do you think James needed to counter the idea that God was the source of temptation (v.13)?


  1. Why do some people blame God when adverse circumstances come their way? What kind of people do this?


  1. While the devil is surely the tempter of people to sin, James seemed to infer that we can shift blame away from ourselves too easily (v.14). How do you respond to this?


  1. How would you explain James point in v.15?


  1. How does 1 Corinthians 10:13 impact your understanding of when we are tempted?


  1. What is your strategy for avoiding temptation?


  1. How have you experienced “a way out” of temptation?


  1. What do you make of Jesus advice in Matthew 5:29-30?