Matthew 5:13-16

Life Group Discussion Questions


  1. When Jesus used the metaphors of salt and light they had specific significance to the people of his day. What contemporary metaphors might he use to get the same message across in our day?


  1. What are some examples of sprinkling “salt” or “shining light” in your workplace/neighbourhood?


  1. What is a 21st  century Christian response to sinful behaviour – say in our society or work context or extended family? How do we stand up for kingdom values?


  1. We live in a sickening world. A few years ago, a campaign by a Pizza delivery company distributed condoms (letterboxes) to advertise their “meat lover” pizzas. What would the response of Jesus be?


  1. What examples do we have (or know of) where Christian “salt” or “light” has helped change a situation?


  1. Why do you think Christians with biblical values are increasingly regarded is narrow and intolerant?


  1. What will you do differently this week for considering these words of Jesus?