John 13:1-17

Life Group Discussion Questions
  1.  What might be a 21st century equivalent to “foot washing” as an expression of servanthood? (i.e. what might Jesus do/use today to get his point across?)
  2. In John 13:4 it says that Jesus “took off his outer clothing” when he demonstrated servanthood. What is your “outer clothing” that might need removal in serving others?
  3. How would you explain John 13:10 to someone who is new to the Christian faith?
  4. In John 13:17 Jesus predicted happiness in serving. What do you think he meant?
  5. Jesus was a servant/slave to his Father in heaven. Does that mean he had no free will?
  6. What do you do to apply Jesus response to Peter in verses 8-10?
  7. What does this passage of scripture motivate you to do this coming week?