Luke 4:18-19


LifeGroup Discussion Questions


What is our position on the poor?

  1. Discuss the meaning of Jesus first recorded public teaching found in Luke 4. What do you think he was saying to those assembled in the synagogue? What do you think the passage says to us in the 21st century?
  1. The sermon presented 3 different ideological views of dealing with eth por. An atheist perspective, a humanist perspective and Christian perspective.  Summarise these 3 perspectives in your own words.
  2. How have we thought about the poor in the past? Retell some encounters you have had and reflect upon how these encounters have or have not helped them move more towards Jesus.
  3. Discuss the ways Central Baptist currently engages with the poor and how you view these. As a group identify if you have other ways that you think God may be prompting you to act.