Matthew 6:5-13

Life Group Discussion Questions


  1. Jesus talks about people who do their “acts of righteousness” for the notice of others as “hypocrites.” Is there a difference between hypocrisy and sinful failure, or they the same thing?


  1. Why does Jesus suggest praying in secret, as opposed to praying in public?


  1. Why do so many (all!) Christians say they don’t pray enough? How much is enough?


  1. What might a contemporary example of v.7 be in our day and age?


  1. 8 suggests that God knows what we need before we ask him. Does that negate the need for us to pray? How would explain this idea to a new Christian?


  1. How have you benefited (or otherwise) from praying the Lord’s Prayer regularly throughout your life?


  1. What was Jesus primary intention in v.9-13?


  1. How do verses 14 & 15 challenge you?