Life Group Discussion Questions


Text: Matthew 6:1-4


  1. How do you assess which kinds of charitable causes you support?


  1. Some people have interpreted v.1 as suggesting that religion is a purely private matter and not something others should see. What was the point Jesus was making in that verse?


  1. Is it always wrong if someone else sees or notices our acts of righteousness – like giving to needy causes?


  1. In Acts 2:44-45 and Acts 4:34-35 we read of the amazing sharing of resources (wealth) that existed in the first generation of the church. How applicable to our situation in the twenty-first century are these verses?


  1. How important is it to know where donated money to charitable causes goes and how it is used?


  1. How do you personally apply the principles Jesus talks about in these verses?


  1. What will you do differently this week for considering these verses?