Life Group Discussion Questions

 Text: Matthew 7:13-14


  1. When you have to make a significant decision or choice in life, how do you go about finding the will of God?


  1. Free choice is spoken of as a gift God has given to everyone through creation. How do you respond to that?


  1. Having chosen the “gate/road” that leads to “life” what are some of the difficulties or obstacles you have found in your way?


  1. What might be an example of “broad road” living that tempts you from time to time?


  1. The “narrow road” is about disciplines. Who actually has more fun – those who live by disciplines (boundaries) or those who don’t?


  1. Who do you know within your circle of acquaintance who is currently choosing the wide/easy road, for whom you can pray as a group that they will choose more wisely?