Upright and Active is a Sports Waikato programme designed to improve your stamina, strength and stability.

It is aimed at older adults to promote a healthier and more energised lifestyle.

This is done in a fun, non threatening environment.  The typical programme includes some low impact aerobic and balance work, along with balls, fit strip, weights and stick work.  The session is done to music that has an easy beat to follow and songs that we know.

Everyone is expected to work at their own level, whether, sitting, standing or a mixture of both during the hour-long session.

The last five to ten minutes are used for stretching and improving flexibility.

Each session is finished with a prayer and a cup of tea/coffee.

Upright and Active is held in the Totara Lounge on Mondays at 11 a.m. and is open to all older people who wish to improve their fitness.