Our weekly worship gatherings are intentionally different in style and ethos. We describe our church as “multi-congregational” and “multi-campus.” In other words, we gather at differing times and in different locations, but one church community. We recognise that one-size doesn’t fit all, or to use a retail analogy – we have multiple shop-front windows. Think of a large shopping mall, where there are large stores and small boutique stores operating alongside each other and catering for different niche markets. Feel free to check out what we have on offer, as you may have the contribution we are currently missing!

Sunday Mornings:

  • Two worship services at the Hamilton Central campus – 9:00am (during Winter months) in the Totara Lounge and 10:30am in our Auditorium (9:30am combined Christmas/January).
  • One service at the Te Whanau Putahi Campus – 11:00am.

Sunday Evenings:   

  • A relaxed gathering in our HCBC Cafe – 7:00pm. We call it Top Shelf – a little less music and a whole lot more interaction and dialogue – including texting questions during the talk and Q & A.

Wednesday Evenings:

  • A smaller gathering in the Kauri Room, but highly significant, called Upstairs Church meets at 6:30pm.

Our weekly services are a mixture of music, prayers, thought provoking teaching, and a community of people that welcome you with a smile. Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating so here’s a few pointers on what to expect.

Getting there and parking?

    • Our services at Hamilton Central are at 33 Charlemont St, Whitiora, Hamilton 3200, (directions).
  • Our services at Te Whanau Putahi are 37 Oxford St, Fairfield, Hamilton 3214, (directions).

 There is off-street parking at both locations, or on the road.

Who will be there?

Our church is made up of a diverse group of people from all across Hamilton. Some have been Christians for years; others are trying to decide if they even believe in a God and where He fits in their worldview. You will see families, singles, couples and a range of races and ages. What you won’t find is a bunch of people pretending to be perfect with a holier-than-thou attitude. If you’re imperfect and seeking to get better, just like the rest of us, you’ll find us easy to connect with.

 What should I wear?

We are a community of friends, so dress like you would if you were stopping by a friend’s house. Dress casually and you’ll fit right in.

 Is there something for my kids?

Yes! At our Hamilton Central 10:30am service, and at the Te Whanau Putahi service at 11:00am, there are special programmes for children. They will laugh, learn and grow through age appropriate activities that are fun and safe. You’ll find people giving directions as to where and when the children’s ministries happen. Check out the Children’s Ministry page for detailed information on what we offer for your kids.

 What happens during the service?

Most weeks follow a similar pattern: music, a talk, communion (at least monthly, sometimes more), an offering, and an invitation to hang out together. At the conclusion of services at Hamilton Central there is tea and coffee available in our cafe area. At Te Whanau Putahi, most Sundays there is a community meal (kai) to which everyone is invited.

  • Music: Music speaks to our hearts and in turn helps us express our praise to God. We sing as a response to God. Styles of music differ at our church: The 8:30am service is a little quieter and more reflective; the 10:30am service is contemporary and led by a band; the noon service is unplugged and relaxed. Sing along if you like or just listen and enjoy.
  • Offering: Our church is fully supported by the gifts of its members and regular attendees. If you are visiting we want you to be our guest; you don’t need to put anything in the basket.
  • Talk: Each week we listen to a talk given by one of our pastors. The talks are interesting, relevant, challenging, inspiring, and always seek to relate our 21st century lives to the timeless truths of God and His love. To get an idea of what the talks are like you can listen to past ones online here.
  • Communion: Jesus is the center of who we are as a church and communion is a reminder of what He did for us. We regularly offer communion as an opportunity to reflect and remember. Follow the instructions given by the leader and you’ll know what to do.
  • Hanging Out: Making and enjoying our friends is a high value in our church. Grab a cuppa, or stay for a meal, and get to know us better. You may just be the friend we’ve been looking for!