At the heart of a healthy church is a sense of community. We connect with God, and He connects us with His family. Christianity is a team sport, not a solo discipline. Together we inspire, encourage and hold each other accountable in our spiritual journey.

To help facilitate this sense of community we invite all who make us their church home to link with a Life Group. Groups meet at different days and times of the week, and vary in size – usually maxing out at around 12 people so that everyone participates.

Life Groups are the primary place where pastoral support and care happens during the tough times, and also the places where we celebrate life and forge meaningful friendships. Group activities typically include opportunity to prayer together and for one another’s needs, and also to study the Scriptures. Many groups discuss the teaching from the previous Sunday and how the principles taught can be applied.

Other times the dynamic of a our Life Groups are simply being together and having fun, or even doing projects together. They really are the heartbeat of our church community and we strongly encourage everyone to link with a group.

If you’d like to know more about our Life Groups and one you could connect with contact the Church Office (P: 07-838 0375, Ext 209; E: and one of the Pastors will be in contact to discuss options with you.