Fuel For 7 Year Olds to Year 6

We desire to help build a strong foundation for spiritual growth in each of our primary school aged children. By aged seven they need to really solidify their Christian foundations.

We desire for our children to be Faith-filled, Unique & Equipped for Life to the Max.

Sunday Programme:

Fuel is for seven year olds to Year Six (ten/eleven year olds), and continues their spiritual journey.

Our Sunday morning starts with “Connect Groups” where we concentrate on building relationships with and between the children and leaders. In small groups we share with each other our weeks Highs & Lows, we read a verse of scripture, apply that scripture to our lives, pray and bless each other.

We then have morning tea and come together for Large Group Time, where we collect the offering, pray and have a time of worship through singing. The main teaching is presented in a variety of ways; including bible teaching, life stories, drama, visuals, DVD and video messages, discussion, object lessons, quiz, games, craft, and whatever other interactive means we have to get the message across and for learning to take place.

We usually conclude back in our Connect Groups as we digest the large group teaching and extend into personal application.


Disciples Wheel

The Disciples’ Wheel (see image) provides the foundation for our curriculum as does the principles of:

  • I need to make the wise choice
  • I can trust God no matter what
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated

We use a variety of curriculum programmes, to maintain interest and to enable us to cover the topic in the particular way we desire.

The plan for this year is:

  • Term One: Looking at FUEL – What is means to be “Faith-filled, Unique, and Equipped for Life to the Max” and then an Amazing Race – Amazing Grace (an interactive journey into the Easter story)
  • Term Two: EXCEL, Mission: Tranzsend Campaign and Heaven’s Kitchen (Parables of the Soil & Seeds, Yeast, Salt, Wheat, and Fruit)
  • Term Three: Imagination Factory: Investigating the Names of Jesus … The Spy Lab will investigate the ‘Names of Beginning’: The Word, Firstborn, Prophet, Branch.  The Junkyard will investigate the I AM Names: I AM, Bread of Life, Light of the World, Door.
  • Term Four: Imagination Factory: Investigating the Names of Jesus … Christmas: Horn of Salvation, Immanuel, Saviour, Jesus, King of Jews and then our annual Christmas Service at the Alandale Retirement Village