“The light that shines farthest, is brightest at its source”

Part of HCBC’s strategy to reach Hamilton in engaging & supporting God’s mission around the world.

7pm Friday 15th September – Focus on Turkey

Friday night is a “swanky” dessert and coffee evening (with our own jazz ensemble playing in the background!) and the topic of focus is the nation of Turkey.

A Dessert and coffee (+tea, chai)

in the HCBC cafe 7pm

Catch a glimpse of what God is doing, featuring Lincoln Badger (Crossover Communication) and the W.E.C Mission mobilisers.

6pm Saturday 16th September – Meet the Family

Starting with an ethnic ‘pot-luck’ meal (your favourite ethnic dish!) 

it’s a church family dinner (you’re the cook!) where households are invited to bring either a mains (meat) dish, and mains (salad) dish and a dessert. Looks like we have a great supply of meat and delicious dessert; we’re a little light on the salad and vegies part of the meal. If you could help us out here, that would be great. Simply collect a marked “card” on Sunday from the display in the Foyer (we know how many cards there were) or drop a note to ohitchcock@hcbc.nz. Saturday night’s programme is definitely “family friendly.”

Rachel Murray and team from Tranzsend (our Baptist family mission agency) will introduce us to the team scouring different paths of Asia.

This is a family friendly event held in the HCBC cafe 6pm

We’ll also have an update on HCBC’s year 3 completion of our project in Nepal.